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Chinese Manufacturer High Quality Incoloy Alloy 800 UNS N08800 Pipe Plate Bar
Chinese Manufacturer High Quality Incoloy Alloy 800 UNS N08800 Pipe Plate Bar

Chinese Manufacturer High Quality Incoloy Alloy 800 UNS N08800 Pipe Plate Bar

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What forms we can produce for Incoloy 800/800H/800HT? The plate, Sheet, Pipe, Bar and Fittings. If you have inquiry about Incoloy Alloy 800,please contact us freely, we will provide our professional suggestion.

Dimensional Data
AlloyPipe SmlsPipe WeldedTube SmlsTube WeldedSheet/PlateBarForgingFitting
Alloy 800 (UNS N08800)B407B154B163B515B409B408B564B366
Alloy 800H (UNS N08810)B407B154B163B515B409B408B564B366
Alloy 800HT (UNS N08811)B407B154B163B515B409B408B564B366

What Products we can provide for Incoloy 800H/HT?
● Sheet
● Plate
● Bar
● Pipe & Tube (welded & seamless)
● Fittings (i.e. flanges, slip-ons, blinds, weld-necks, lapjoints, long welding necks, socket welds, elbows, tees, stub-ends, returns, caps, crosses, reducers, and pipe nipples)

What are the characteristics of Incoloy 800H/HT?
● High temperature strength
● High creep rupture strength
● Resistant to oxidation and carburization in high temperature environments
● Good corrosion resistance in many acidic environments
● Good resistance to many sulfur-containing atmospheres

In what applications is Incoloy 800H/HT used?
● Ethylene furnace quench boilers
● Hydrocarbon cracking
● Valves, fittings and other components exposed to corrosive attack from 1100-1800
● Industrial furnaces
● Heat-treating equipment
● Chemical and petrochemical processing
● Super-heater and re-heaters in power plants
● Pressure vessels
● Heat exchangers
Alloys 800H/HT are used in a variety of applications involving exposure to corrosive environments and high temperatures such as heat treating equipment, chemical and petrochemical processing, nuclear power plants and the paper pulp industry. Heat-treating equipment such as baskets, trays, and fixtures employ Incoloy 800H/HT. Chemical and petrochemical processing industries use the alloys for heat exchangers and other piping systems in nitric acid media especially where resistance to chloride stress-corrosion cracking is required. Power plants use them for super-heater and re-heater tubing.

How about the delivery terms?
1) Payment: T/T, Western Union, Paypal, 30% deposit in advance and balance before delivery.

2) Min. Order Quantity: 100KG, or as required.

3) Transportation: By express (DHL, TNT, FedEx), air, sea, and train.

How about discount?
Price is based on products and order quantity.

Do you accept sample order?
Yes sure, please contact us for details.

How about your after-sales service?
As a professional steel exporter, we offer promote technology support for all problems and questions.
Besides, we accept goods return or replace for quality problem.