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Chinese Manufacturer High Quality Nimonic 105
Chinese Manufacturer High Quality Nimonic 105
Chinese Manufacturer High Quality Nimonic 105

Chinese Manufacturer High Quality Nimonic 105

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NIMONIC alloy 105 (UNS N13021/W. Nr. 2.4634) is a forged Ni-Co-Cr base alloy and strengthened by additions of Mo,AI & Ti.It can work up to 950°C. Alloy 105 combines the high strength of the age-hardening nickel-base alloys with good creep resistance. For critical applications,the alloy is produced by vacuum melting and electroslag refining.The alloy is used for turbine blades, discs, forgings, ring sections, bolts and fasteners.

Product Features

Forms & Specifications
Standards: ASTM B637, MSRR 7004, 7022, 7063, 7070, 7162, 7193, 7952, BS: HR 203, 3HR1, HR2, HR3, HR4, BS4HR 601

This alloy has good ductility and may be readily formed by all conventional methods. Because the alloy is stronger than regular steel it requires more powerful equipment to accomplish forming. Heavy-duty lubricants should be used during cold forming. It is essential to thoroughly clean the part of all traces of lubricant after forming as embrittlement of the alloy may occur at high temperatures if lubricant is left on.

Physical Properties
Density: 8.01 g/cm³, 0.289 lb/in³
Melting Range Liquidus temperature: 1345°C
Solidus temperature: 1290°C
Specific Heat Capacity: 419 J/kg.°C
Electrical Resistivity: 1.31 µΩ.m
Two heat treatments are as follows:
(a) 4 h/1150°C/AC+16 h/1050-1065°C/AC+16h/850°C/AC
(b) 4 h/1125°C/AC+16 h/850°/AC

Turbine blades
Turbine discs
Turbine shafts
Rolled rings
Bolts and fasteners

Dimensional Data

Chemical Composition of Nimonic 105



MECHANICAL & PHYSICAL PROPERTIES21.1°C93.3°C148.9°C204.4°C315.6°C371.1°C426.7°C537.8°C648.9°C750°C815°C870°C982°C
Ultimate Tensile Strength /MPa114011231123108410911101110110641038---175
0.2% Yield Strength /MPa776762762735735743743740720---152
Reduction of area %313131383039393738---73
Elongation %222020212024242325---42
Minimum Creep 0.0001% per hr--------4282329354-
10,000 hr Rupture Strength--------4712631356512
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion /µm/m°C12.
Thermal Conductivity /kcal/(hr.m.°C)9.36310.4110.4111.6712.8914.0414.0415.216.02---22.54
Modulus of Elasticity / GPa188184184179174168168161154---110

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