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Chinese Manufacturer High Quality Nimonic 80A
Chinese Manufacturer High Quality Nimonic 80A
Chinese Manufacturer High Quality Nimonic 80A
Chinese Manufacturer High Quality Nimonic 80A

Chinese Manufacturer High Quality Nimonic 80A

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Nimonic 80A is a nickel base superalloy composed of Ni CR. It has good strength, excellent corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance at high temperature. These advantages make Nimonic 80A widely used in high-temperature hot forged parts such as aviation, aerospace, power station and transportation.We could produce Nimonic 80A, UNS N07080, 2.4952 forging/forged round bars with diameters ranging,plate/sheet,pipe and flange.

Product Features

Chemical Composition for Nimonic 80A
C≤0.10 wt. %
Cr:18.0~21.0 wt. %
Si≤1.0 wt. %
Co≤0.20 wt. %
Ti:1.8~2.7 wt. %
Al:1.0~1.8 wt. %
B≤0.0080 wt. %
S≤0.015 wt. %
Ni: balance

Physical properties of Nimonic 80A
Mass magnetic susceptibility: 5.85 × 10-6 at 1000 Gauss volume susceptibility: 4.78 × 10-5 at 1000
Gauss density: 8.19g/cm3 melting point 1320-1365 ℃

Development history of Nimonic 80A
In 1929, British and American merica, Bedford and pilling added a small amount of Al and Ti to 80ni-20cr electrothermal alloy, which can significantly improve the high-temperature creep strength. In 1939, Britain developed the whittle turbojet engine, in which the turbine blade has high requirements for the high temperature resistance and stress bearing capacity of the material. In the same year, the British Mond nickel company first developed a Low-C, Ti containing nickel base alloy Nimonic 75 for the turbine blades of whittle engine.
With the addition of Al, Nimonic 80 alloy was developed later. The alloy contains Al and Ti at the same time, so that the creep performance of the alloy is at least tens of degrees higher than that of nimoinc 75. Therefore, the alloy has also become the first turbine blade material strengthened with Ni3 (al, Ti).

Since then, Mond company has added B, Zr, Co, Mo and other alloy elements to the alloy, successively developed Nimonic 80A, Nimonic 90 and so on, forming nimonc series.

The engines produced by Rolls Royce, the largest aeroengine company in the UK in the early stage, almost all of its high-temperature blades are made of Nimonic deformed superalloy. With the introduction of foreign advanced production lines in China, the blade materials made in China also use British superalloys, such as gh4080a. On this basis, domestic researchers have also improved the properties and composition of this kind of superalloy, developed superalloys with independent property rights, and made great contributions to important scientific research fields such as aerospace in China.